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Instead, you back them up online to Google Drive. This is actually far more secure. If your laptop was damaged or stolen, all your files would be safe and sound.

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You can still plug in an external hard drive to access other backups. But, the same is true of Windows laptops. The only brand with outstanding screen quality across its entire laptop range is Apple.

It just works

And you pay a premium for those displays. Battery life — Chromebooks last and last: 10 or 12 hour battery life is typical. You'd normally have to pay Mac prices for such staying power. Windows laptops can last from 5 hours to over 10 hours, depending on what you spend. Again, it all comes back to the low-impact Chrome operating system, plus the fact there's no battery-hungry internal hard drive on a Chromebook.

A laptop can handle many uses, and is able to download software and run applications from any source. The Chromebook system is more of a walled garden. You can still browse the web, email, stream videos, and edit spreadsheets or documents.

Need Windows or Mac software? Skip Chrome

Chromebooks rely on a constant connection to the internet, especially for saving content. Laptops, on the other hand come with much more storage, starting with GB solid state drives and going up to huge terabyte hard drives, which allow you to store as much as you want. However, if you need to run demanding software or simply need the versatility of a Windows machine, then go for a traditional laptop.

Chromebooks and MacBooks are two entirely different beasts. Until the launch of the pricey Google PixelBook, they were priced at opposite ends of the spectrum. The MacBook is a premium product with a suitably premium price tag. Both Chromebooks and MacBooks tend to be svelte and portable. They both use modern types of storage that take up less space than a moving-parts hard drive, and this helps them stay light. With either a Chromebook or a MacBook, you can enjoy 10 hours or more without needing a recharge.

The 10 Best Laptops We've Tried

The low-energy storage types and efficient processors keep them chugging along for much longer than Windows laptops. The MacBook is, of course a powerhouse. In the market for a MacBook?

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  8. Office is now fully compatible with Apple products, and they can be run just as easily as on a Windows laptop. Similarly, Word, Excel and other Office apps are available for Chromebook too. The downside? You have to be online to use them and you need to create a Microsoft account to access them. I really wish Apple would at least have a matte option available for the Air. I generally get about 6. Apple says to expect about five hours. Samsung says the Chromebook's battery should last for six hours of continuous use.

    I'd say it only lasts about five. Being able to use Ethernet without an adapter is a nice addition to the Chromebook. More isn't always better, but in this case, it's really nice to have the option to use a wired connection if I want to. Both the Chromebook and MacBook Air have well-designed keyboards. The keys are nicely spaced and typing is easy. The MacBook Air's back-lit keyboard is nice when working in dark conditions, so that's really the only thing that makes it better.

    Should You Buy a Chromebook or a Laptop?

    The Chromebook gives you the option to connect to Verizon's 3G network so you can get Internet anywhere. You can pay to get up to GB, but it's really, really expensive. The Chromebook does not have any storage. You can use Google Drive to get 5 GB of free storage and save items there. Your music is stored separately in Google Music. Cloud storage is the way of the future.

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    The ability to have expandable cloud storage is amazing because you never have to worry about a hard drive crash. Plus you can access your stuff from any computer. Overall, it was a really fun to use and never got between me and the internet. The Chromebook is perfect for the person who is familiar with Google products and needs to surf the Internet quickly, without computer hangups and error messages.

    A contrast in laptop extremes: MacBook Pro vs. Chromebook

    The keyboard is nice, giving me a different experience from the iPad. This was a tough comparison, since the MacBook Air is a really solid computer. But it's also a very different kind of computer. The Chromebook is a great buy if you need an affordable, tablet-like experience with a physical keyboard. It's not going to replace a traditional laptop like the MacBook Air. Get the latest Google stock price here. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

    Portability - Until Chromebooks, MacBook Airs reigned because there weren't too many alternatives for an ultraportable laptop. With the Acer Chromebook 2.

    Branding - Samsung and Acer are nowhere near Apple when it comes to branding. In fact had it not been for Google's new OS, the Chromebooks wouldn't even sound cool being manufactured by the comparatively lesser players of the laptop market. Looks - If you get carried away by everything that is Apple, do not waste time thinking about Chromebooks. They have a long way to go before they develop something as stylish and sleek as MacBook Air. In fact the Samsung Arctic White model, according initial reviews, is borderline tacky. Processor- According to those who used Chromebook for beta testing of Google, Chromebooks' major shortcomings are performance and durability related.

    Chromebooks aren't great for juggling between numerous browser windows, and applications.

    Chromebook vs MacBook Air: Which is best suited for your needs?

    Revelation that Chromebooks are 'differently-named' netbooks will dawn upon you in no time. While the Intel Core 2 Duo processor of Airs is hardly remarkable, it would definitely beat the Atom processors any day. If rumors can be believed, Apple will ship their first MacBook Air models upgraded to include Intel's Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt high-speed interconnect, later this month in preparation for a June or July launch.

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