How to manage icons on mac dock

Then follow these steps to add it to the Dock:.

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Drag the icon out of the Finder window and onto the Dock, as shown in Figure 1. Folder, disk, and URL icons must be on the right of the divider line in the Dock; Application icons must be on the left of it. You can add several items at the same time to the Dock by selecting them all and dragging the group to the Dock.

Add or remove Dock items

However, you can delete only one icon at a time from the Dock. To remove an item from the Dock, just drag its icon onto the Desktop.

Customize your Dock

Look for the Documents folder in the sidebar at the left side of the Finder window. In my case, the Documents folder has been shared on iCloud, so it can be found under the iCloud heading in the sidebar. Holding down the Option key, click on and drag the Documents folder to the right side of the Dock.

Mac OS X Tiger For Dummies

As you near the Dock, the other icons will spread apart to make room for the new icon. Let go of the mouse or trackpad button, and the folder drops into place.

Add Any App You Wish to the Mac's Dock

By default, the folder actually appears as a stack of documents far right in screenshot below :. Right-clicking a folder in the Dock.

So how do we turn that into that nice Documents folder? Right-click on the stack of documents and a pop-up menu appears see screenshot at right. Rearranging Dock Icons Sometimes the Dock icons can get a little messy, especially when a number of apps have been added. Sometimes you may look at a Dock icon and wonder what app it represents.

How to Get the Most From Your macOS Dock

Multi-Display Macs and the Dock With the popularity of the MacBook Pro as a desktop replacement, attaching one or more external monitors to a Mac has become quite common. How do you make the Dock visible again?

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  • On the other monitor s , move your cursor to the bottom of the display to make the Dock visible on that monitor again. If you have the dock vertically on one side of your screen, drag and drop it to just above the trash can.

    Remove unwanted apps and documents from your dock to free up room

    When you click the folder, it will provide quick access to your files directly from the dock so you can open them without opening the finder. This gives you quick access to your most frequently used applications and gets the ones you never use out of your way. Application icons appear in the dock when the application is running.

    To rearrange the icons, drag and drop the icons. Application icons you remove from the dock can always be launched from the Applications folder in the Finder, from Launchpad, or from Spotlight search. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.