Komplete elements mk2 install mac

We will go over the value proposition for all of the offers below as well as the overall versatility and quality of the products included in this wide-ranging sound package.

USB MIDI Controller

It contains over different instruments and another 50 expansion libraries, on top of all the engines they run on. Not only has NI constantly supported it with new first and third-party instruments over the years, the engine itself got a major overhaul this time around. While that might not sound all that exciting for your average beat maker or artist, it does mean we are going to be getting even wider array of instruments for Kontakt very soon.

As far as we are concerned, the Komplete 12 Symphony Series is fantastic. But these samples and the possibilities the instruments provide are well worth the price tag.


Unless you have already invested hundreds or much, much more , these will be the best sounding strings and woodwinds in your library the second they get installed on your system. For pop music and anything less than the most professional string library needs, it is easily one of the best value propositions out there.

This Kontakt instrument was already available as a standalone product ahead of the release of Komplete But with its inclusion in the bundle and just how mind-blowing it is, we just had to mention it in our Komplete 12 review.


Its almost entirely foreign and one-of-a-kind interface is disorienting in the best possible way for a seasoned patch designer. This one is as inspiring and wondrous to look at as it is to use. This thing will help you create huge swelling textures and atmospheres ranging from suspenseful pads to devastating string crescendos. We are still toying around with interesting ways to integrate this cinematic monster into other forms of sound design and song production, but you can expect a more detailed rundown from Logic Pros on this one in the future.

Needless to say, it in no way, shape or form stops there. Other serious highlights include the new drum and bass machine, TRK expect more on this sucker coming soon as well and the Discovery Series which includes some amazing sampler instruments from India, Cuba and West Africa. The Una Corda is another beautiful Kontakt instrument that leverages some precious and subtle piano tones for a unique take on your average piano sampler instrument.

Samson — Samson Carbon 49

That would have to include the aforementioned Massive and FM8 as well stuff like the absolute classic, Absynth 5. But these are minor, aesthetic gripes at best. All of these instruments have been and will continue to be mainstays in our sound libraries. One thing that should be mentioned here is Massive X. It is included in all but the lowest tier versions of the bundle. But it will not appear in our main Komplete 12 review until it releases in February You can expect a full hands-on with Massive X shortly after release. When it comes to a massive bundle of instruments like this, versatility is an important metric to consider.

And Native Instruments does a great job here. You get world-class synthesizers with Massive and FM8 with a mind-boggling number of brilliant organic sampler instruments. Glad to be of help. I am just getting started with all of this myself.

Komplete Elements Won't install Mac OSX El Capitan

Have fun and make some great music! Ken -- thanks so much -- downloading now! Never would have thought of that and hope NI is reading all this to fix for others. I had the same issue, and also used the same fix. Installed those separately. I'm guessing it's all there..

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