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Then A1 refers to A2. Cells in the spreadsheet are referred to by rows and columns. Columns are vertical and labeled with letters.

A Tip for Quickly Switching Between Relative and Absolute Cell References in Microsoft Excel

Rows are horizontal and labeled with numbers. The first cell in the spreadsheet is A1, which means column A, row 1, B3 refers to the cell located on the second column, third row, and so on. For learning purposes about cell references, we will at times write them as row, column, this is not valid notation in the spreadsheet and is simply meant to make things clearer. Absolute — This means the cell reference stays the same if you copy or move the cell to any other cell.

This is done by anchoring the row and column, so it does not change when copied or moved. Relative — Relative referencing means that the cell address changes as you copy or move it; i. Mixed — This means you can choose to anchor either the row or the column when you copy or move the cell, so that one changes and the other does not.

For example, you could anchor the row reference then move a cell down two rows and across four columns and the row reference stays the same. We will explain this further below.

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That means Excel output in cell A1 whatever is inputted into cell A2. Now, suppose we need to make room in our spreadsheet for more data. We need to add columns above and rows to the left, so we have to move the cell down and to the right to make room. As you move the cell to the right, the column number increases.

Switch Between Relative and Absolute References in Excel for Mac

As you move it down, the row number increases. The cell that it points to, the cell reference, changes as well. This is illustrated below:. Continuing with our example, and looking at the graphic below, if you copy the contents of cell A1 two to the right and four down you have moved it to cell C5. We copied the cell two columns to the right and four down.

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This means we have changed the cell it refers two across and four down. Instead of referring to A2, now cell C5 refers to cell C6. The value shown is 0 because cell C6 is empty. Remember from Lesson 2 where we had to split a full name into first and last name? What happens when we copy this formula? Do not copy the actual cell, only the text, copy the text, otherwise it will update the reference. By default, when you record a macro and refer to a cell value, it records that as an absolute reference. This means that if you run your macro again in a different position, it will always refer to the cell in the macro.

Here you will see the full list of macros associated with this workbook. If you assigned a keyboard shortcut when you named your macro, then you can also use the keyboard shortcut to activate your macro. Macros are stored in a language called Visual Basic. This can be a quick way to correct simple errors in a macro.

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