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While there are no performance issues with Citrix Receiver , the presence of multiple products and components is confusing. Citrix Virtual Apps formerly Citrix XenApp is available in different editions with different pricing and feature sets. Customers have to scour through multiple products and features. Moreover, configuring these components is complex and time-consuming. Citrix software also comes with a high price tag and not many businesses can afford it.

Parallels Client is a simple tool that lets you access centrally hosted resources from any device, anytime and from any network. It is free to download and use.

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It uses SSL and second-level authentication, which means resources are securely transferred through the network. The Parallels Client leverages the Microsoft RemoteFX protocol to deliver a high definition user experience to remote clients. Parallels Client is the best alternative to the costly HDX protocol suite of technologies. Moreover, important components such as printer redirection and load balancing come auto-configured by default.

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It is simple and easy to deploy and use. It eliminates the challenges of managing multiple products, upgrade issues, and configuration complexities. The migration tool extracts settings from Citrix XenApp 6. Download the Citrix Migration White Paper. Understanding Citrix Receiver thomaskoetzing. The Citrix ICA file explained and demystified ingmarverheij.

I'm installing Citrix Receiver v I'm also filing a bug report with Citrix through my organization's support contact with Citrix. I can confirm that using Casper 9. Using just the.

So I recommend repackaging through Composer. Useing Casper 9. Hi guys, So does it mean the only option is to reboot the Mac? Anything else is suggested to make it work without a reboot? I get the below error when having Citrix Receiver JSS is at 9. I get emailed that an error occurred as well. Citrix Receiver seems to work just fine though. Wed Jun 24 ltus jamf[]: Installing Citrix Receiver Wed Jun 24 ltus jamf[]: Installation failed.

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Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. I get the same error as mistacabbage with Receiver My JSS is also at 9. I did not have any errors with prior versions of Receiver. This is happening to me also.

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Funny thing is when I trigger the policy manually on the client machine, it works fine. It's on the check-in trigger that I see this error. I stripped out a lot of the legacy code in the post installer. If your users are relatively up to date in version You don't need the version 10 conversion code in there.

PKG from snapshot? Easier than snapshooting, just pulled Citrix Receiver Worked like a charm, even though I'm wondering if the launchd item may have needed to be unloaded before overwriting. Didn't seem to get in the way of the application working correctly. I was trying to debug their post-install script to try and fix it, but it's just not worth it It's totally trying to do a bunch of things that are not kosher for a command line install Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users.

Learn more about JNUC. Citrix Receiver fails to install via Casper 8.

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Citrix Receiver for Mac. JAMF Casper 8. So my questions are: Have any of you successfully deployed Citrix Receiver v What workarounds would you suggest? Thanks for any advice or assistance! admin