How to delete dota 2 on mac

How To Uninstall Steam on Your Mac

I am currently running OS X As a quick note, while this program was installed through Steam, I don't think it's a Steam issue. All of the typical methods for removing an icon have not worked i. I have uninstalled Steam dragging icon in "Application" folder to trash and removed all game content deleted associated Steam directory in "Application Support" and that has not deleted the icon.

I have deleted the "Application Support" folder to try and force the Launchpad to reset itself; it did reset, but the icon remained there. There is also not an icon in the Application folder for the game. Clicking on the icon in the Launchpad does nothing, now that Steam is removed. The same thing happened to me and I finally got it out of Launchpad and in the trash bin.

For some reason this application folder is different then the standard and thats where mine was put.

Hope this helps. Drag to the trash. Empty Trash.

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Just search the game on spotlight Once you've deleted it from Steam and drag it to trash. Delete it from there and voila, the app's disappeared from launchpad. Had the same problem. Drag the icon from launchpad to the dock. Then right click the icon you just dragged to the dock and select show in finder. Delete the Icon in finder and then remove it from the dock.

The icon should no longer be in launchpad. How about just holding control and left clicking or right clicking on the icon and saying "Remove from Dock"? It is the most economical removal method for users however, it is also a time consuming way to uninstall unwanted applications from Apple Mac OS X. Any miss deleting will cause problems and errors on the Mac.

In some cases, Mac users have to pay much money to the repair station to recover important data which has been removed by mistake. Therefore, inexperienced Mac users had better do not clean up the various associated files of the applications themselves.

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We will continue to discuss how to remove unwanted applications from Mac safely and easily. There are a few of uninstall tools designed for Mac available on the Internet market recent years. Professional uninstaller will automatically display all applications installed on your Mac. Just select the application you want to remove and let it analyze all associated files of the app.

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The whole procedure only takes you a couple of minutes. Moreover, Mac apps uninstaller also can detect out and remove additional files including preferences, caches and support files easily and thoroughly. You have no need to search and delete them one by one. MacKeeper is a great and powerful utility designed specially for Mac which contains amazing functions to uninstall any applications from Mac OS X.

How to Hide a Steam Game

Furthermore, this kind of software also helps users optimize the whole performance of Mac and recover their lost data. With this all-in-one Mac utility, you can uninstall Dota 2 completely just in a few of minutes. Moreover, MacKeeper provides users with live chat support service in order to help them resolve any Mac problems effectively.

How can i completely delete steam and dota2 from MACBOOK? :: Dota 2 General Discussions

Only a few of steps, you can easily removeany unwanted applications from your Mac. Here, you can watch the video guides to see how the MacKeeper works and how to uninstall the unwanted Mac apps easily.

How to Uninstall Games from Steam on Mac, Windows Linux

If you follow the removal guides to uninstall Dota 2 , you will find it is quite easy to remove applications from Apple Mac OS X completely. You also can refer to the instructions above to uninstall other unwanted applications on your Mac. If you choose to uninstall applications yourself, especially remove the security applications, never forget to clean up the associated files to avoid potential problems. Please subscribe the official blog of MacUtility. Well-experienced experts will share their minds about how to maintain and protect your Macs simply every day.

If you have any problems on Mac, find the specific post and follow instructions to have your Mac troubles resolved.

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  • Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us if you fail to get the information you require. Send us a message and describe your problems in detailed. We will respond you as soon as possible. We only provide users with professional removal guides to help them uninstall apps in a correct way. The specific Mac apps uninstaller recommended in the article has been tested by our engineer to make sure it is safe absolutely.

    We pick up the best and award-winning Mac Utilities in order to assist you resolve your any Mac problems. If you find there is something wrong with the removal guides or the software we recommended, please feel free to contact us via support macutility. Graphics and Design. But you can hide a game from your library—or even permanently delete it from your account. Hiding is reversible. Someone can still see the game with a few clicks, and you can unhide the game in the future. You can even play a hidden game.

    Removing is permanent. Before removing a Steam game from your library, you should uninstall it from your computer. Click the game you want to delete. admin