Control volume on mac with windows keyboard

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You can navigate to the Menu bar if you like and scroll through to access the Preferences. Or you can simply press Command-, comma to get to them in the fastest possible time. Press this combination to minimize the front app window to Dock, or press Command-Option-M to minimize all the windows belonging to the front app. You may just want to get to all the open windows for a specific app, in which case hold down the same keys and click on any available window for that app. The combination that can change your life, Command-Space invokes Spotlight, just depress these keys and start typing your query.

Keyboard tab

I guess you know about Command-tab already? Open application switcher, keeping Command pressed, use Tab to navigate to the app you hope to use. Jump directly to the top or bottom of a web page using the Function key and the right to the bottom of the page or left to the top of the page arrows on the keyboard. You can achieve a similar result using Command-Up or Command-Down.

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Hit Command and the left arrow to go back a page in the browser window. Hit Command right to go forward again. Navigate between multiple tabs using the Command-Shift-] or Command-Shift-[ characters. You can also use Option-Shift to change display brightness in small amounts.

No Volume control on standard PC 104 keys keyboard??

Read even more Option secrets here. Here are some other ideas on controlling your Mac with your voice. Use this command to quickly launch Displays preferences. Use this combination to move between open windows in your currently active app. It's so useful you'll wonder why you hadn't used it before.

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  • Want to grab an image to place into the document you're typing in? Double click on the right side of the row to edit the shortcut. Now, just hit the key combination you want to use, and make sure the checkbox to the left is checked it likes to uncheck when you edit the key combo.

    Note that you seem to need to include a Command in your key combo for it to work everywhere. You can easily edit these values by opening the workflow files in Automator. Totally unrelated, but just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog when looking for a particular regex solution.

    Someone on StackOverflow posted a solution with a link to your interactive RegEx editor. What about for OS The scripts themselves seem to be flawless… now OSX is another matter.

    How to Remap Your Mac's Function Keys and Do Anything You Want

    Thanks for your work! When you use a Windows PC keyboard on a Macintosh computer, the keyboard shortcuts that you use map to different keys. In particular, the primary key that is used in keyboard shortcuts in combination with other keys is frequently different. The following are the primary key substitutions on the Windows keyboard, and their Macintosh equivalents. More Information. The following are typical Windows keyboard shortcuts and their Macintosh equivalents that apply to the operating system. Last Updated: Feb Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit.

    Mac keyboard command for better volume control

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    Windows Keyboard on a Mac

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