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Tap iCloud Backup. Toggle the iCloud Backup switch to the green ON position. Tap Back Up Now and wait for the process to complete. Once you've switched on the toggle next to iCloud Backup, your device will automatically back up each day, so long as the device's screen is unlocked and it's connected to a power source and a Wi-Fi network. Also make sure that you have enough available space in iCloud for the backup. How to Create an iTunes Backup The following step-by-step instructions on how to create an iTunes backup are given for iPhone, but apply to iPad and iPod touch too.

The second set of steps shows you how to archive the backup if needed. Open iTunes.

Click the device's icon in the top-left menu. Under Backups, click This computer.

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Tick the Encrypt iPhone backup checkbox if you want to back up your login credentials and any Health and HomeKit data. Click Back Up Now and wait for the backup process to finish.

Archive the Backup

It will take around five minutes to complete depending on what's installed on your iPhone. Archive the Backup An archived iTunes backup saves the current state of your iOS device and prevents it from being accidentally overwritten by subsequent backups. Creating an archived backup is useful if for example you want to install a public beta of iOS, since if something goes wrong with the beta, you can use it restore your device to its previous operating system version.

The following steps show you how to archive the iTunes backup that's created using previous steps.

Click the Devices tab. Right-click or Ctrl-click the new backup, and select Archive from the contextual dropdown menu.

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Backing up should be done on a a regular basis. If you're using iCloud, it will be done automatically, but if you're using iTunes, make sure to initiate a backup every week or two so you don't lose important data. Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

So if you want to use an app that's only on your other Mac, you can. Learn how to use Apple Remote Desktop. Access files across your devices with iCloud Drive When you turn on iCloud Drive, your files automatically upload to iCloud, where they're safely stored and available on all of your devices. Access your other Mac with screen sharing If you have more than one Mac, screen sharing lets you use one Mac to view and control your other Mac remotely.

Manage your Mac remotely with Apple Remote Desktop If you have more than one Mac, Apple Remote Desktop also lets you run apps and work with files that are on your other Mac, even if you're in another location. Yes No.

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If you're using a MacBook, ensure it's plugged in and, from the Power Adapter tab, check the box to enable 'Wake for network access'. Your Mac will now periodically check in with Apple's servers to update them on its location on the Internet. Set your other energy saver settings to allow the computer to sleep after a few minutes, but don't switch it off. You can now leave home with another Mac and access your home machine remotely. Open a new Finder window on your second Mac and your home machine will appear in the sidebar's Shared subsection. Click your home Mac, followed by the Connect As Select Using an Apple ID as the connection method and, if you have more than one Apple ID on your machine, select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu and click connect to access the files on your remote Mac.

Alternatively, if you want to control your computer from your mobile MacBook, select it in the sidebar and click Share Screen After a few seconds of negotiating the connection your remote Mac's display will be replicated in a window on your local machine. By default this is intelligently scaled to fit your local display if it's larger than your current resolution.

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This can be disabled from the View menu, at which point the remote display will scroll within the local window. It's also worthwhile enabling the screen toolbar, which allows you to copy the remote clipboard to your local machine, and vice-versa. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.