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I don't mean to pry, I'm just excited to help my friend get her own KS journey started so she and I can start bouncing ideas off of one another and discussing what we've enjoyed about the game. Thanks very much, and apologies if this has already been answered. I promise, I looked on the blog and on the forums before posting this, so if I missed any places where you've already addressed this very question, chalk my oversight up to cortical Kenjivision. No idea why they're remaining mum on this.

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Bumping this in the hopes that they'll break their silence and let us know what the situation is regarding the missing DDLs. I'm not good with this sort of thing, so I"m just going to say it here: Thank you, Four Leaf Studios. That is all. Even if the author is silenced, the performance is stopped, the story will not end.

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Whether it's a comedy or a tragedy, if there is cheering, the story will continue on. Just like the many lives. Depending on the choices made by the player, the story branches into multiple forks variously chronicling Hisao's deepening and eventually romantic relationship with one of the five main female characters or lack thereof , some of which may variously end well, badly, or neutrally. Most of the art, sound, and animation assets used in the game are original and were created for the game by a dedicated team of artists on the development forums.

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These images were later filtered to match the art style of the rest of the game's drawings. Following the release of the full game, Four Leaf Studios announced it had no plans for its members to collaborate on any new projects. On April 29, , the team released an "Act One" preview.

Act 1 (v5)

The complete English-language novel was released on January 4, It was announced [19] that the French-language translation would be released July 4, as both a download and a limited-edition physical edition. The French-language version was made available for download on July 8, They released the English script files in full and instructions on how to patch in and distribute any future fan translations into languages not included in the final official version.

Downloads for the complete novel and Act 1 alone are available for Windows , Mac OSX , and x86 Linux , available both as direct downloads from the official Katawa Shoujo website and over Bittorrent. The soundtrack is also available as a direct download.

In Act 1, as the story progresses, the reader gets to choose their reaction to prompts that pop up at certain scenes. These choices eventually lock the reader into a "path" that focuses on one of the five girls that the reader may take a love interest in.

Navigation menu

Acts follow that girl's story where choices are prompted throughout the narrative until the reader reaches an ending. The endings vary from Bad to Neutral to Good. The bad ending ends the relationship on depressing terms or rather at point where it would be then impossible to salvage the relationship. The neutral ending is arguably the most bittersweet of the three as while Hisao does not part with bad terms with his partner, their partings are more ambiguous and heart-breaking terms.

Katawa Shoujo Game Trailer/ScreenShots

The good endings all end with Hisao coming to a better understanding of his relationship to the girl in which the reader had been locked into and an overall high approval of himself. All endings end the story in each respective girl's in Act 4, with the exceptions being both Emi's and Rin's "Bad Ending" that finishes their stories during Act 3.

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Depending on the choices made in Act 1, the reader can also be locked into an early "Bad Ending", in which Hisao spends the act-ending school festival on the school roof, drinking whiskey with Kenji. The scene ends with Hisao falling off the roof and dying. Kenji's direct involvement in the fall is never made clear. Katawa Shoujo received generally favorable critical reception.

Upon release, it was praised by some reviewers and fans, who most notably praised the game's sincere and respectful treatment of the setting.

The origin of the name is of course Japanese itself, with Raita and his original concept picture of [Katawa Shoujo]. The game's soundtrack , entitled Enigmatic Box of Sound , was released for download on January 20, An updated version of "Red Velvet" was released alongside the French language update on July 8, , featuring saxophone player Japes.

Every year of production, even in the years prior to the game's release, the Four Leaf Studios team have held a tradition of making April Fools Day prank post on their developer's blog. These jokes take the form of fake announcements of upcoming features or updates, sometimes satirizing real-world habits of video game publishers and developers. Among these announcement pranks have included sequels and cancellations thereof , [38] high definition and censored re-release, [39] expansion packs DLC, microtransactions and bonus content, exclusive merchandise, advertisement removal, premium content, online distribution through Steam , [40] an anime adaptation by Studio DEEN , [41] voice acting , [42] and a second, parody visual novel project.

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