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Manually uninstall Memeo Premium Backup step by step:

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Editor: Memeo LifeAgent protects your valuable and sentimental documents. With Memeo LifeAgent, you can choose what files and folders to back up. Store different types of files in different places destinations , and back up one file in several places for added convenience and protection. You can preserve your files in various locations according to their value and purpose. With Memeo LifeAgent, you can choose to back up items to any folder on any computer on your network, an external hard drive, a removable storage device, or a server on the Internet.

Automatically uninstall Memeo Premium Backup with MacRemover (recommended):

With a simple 3-step set-up process, LifeAgent identifies what files are important and works quietly in the background to automatically share, sync and secure your digital content while saving changes made to any document. Tell it what files are you want to protect, and it will dutifully and invisibly take care of the rest.

It also allows you to share photos online through Shutterfly. It is an active solution that works when the user works and runs silently and continuously in the background. Additional features of Memeo LifeAgent include the Smart Picks tm set-up wizard which allows users to easily locate important files e. Documents, music located across your computer, etc.

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In addition, the User Interface shows the status of all continuous backups so users can be confident their files are safe. In the event a file is lost, LifeAgent's powerful search feature instantly finds anything from one file to a whole computer's worth of data and restores it to use again.

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  7. You can search by name, file type, directory, backup location, or a combination of search criteria, and restore files to their original folder or a new location. Memeo LifeAgent can even keep multiple versions of a file. LifeAgent also includes the ability to create password-encrypted backup plans for added security.

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