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In particular, the Dynamics section has a new variable knee on all bands that helped achieve smoother sounding crossover points between bands than in Version 4.

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So too, the Stereo Imaging now includes a Stereoize Mode for adding width to mono sources — great for synths. At the end of the mastering — which took two seven-hour sessions to complete — only five hours were spent inside Ozone 5 Advanced. Of course in the end, you can combine the methods by using Ozone as part of a plug-in chain. All this makes me wonder: should Ozone become stand-alone and act as a host for third party plug-ins? Or should that be less time?

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Your email address will not be published. Comprehensive metering, including loudness standards Meter Tap lets you observe multiple source interplay Save screen clutter. Published On July 15, Reviews. Review: Cal Orr My typical software mastering path comprises Universal Audio, PSP, and Crysonic plug-ins, all individually inserted, and all contributing to an unwieldy clutter that slows workflow.

Using Ozone 5 is very easy, as it should be. Just insert the complete plug-in, or choose one of the modules Ozone Advanced.


There are plenty of presets to get you going, and they are very usable in the real world. Of course, with any mixing situation, presets are only meant to be used as a starting point, and you'll have to adjust for dB level, but other than that, they work very well.

Saving your own presets is easy as well, and the presets you save go right into the main preset folder for immediate recall. Ozone as a whole sounds great, and as a mastering plug-in it works very well at getting your mixes loud while retaining the sonic character that you choose. This is especially important for dance and commercial music engineers, or anyone who is using a lot of drums and needs to retain the punch of those instruments.

Having two EQ modules in the mastering suite is useful because it lets you put EQ more precisely where you need it.

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But an added bonus for Ozone Advanced users is the ability to break out the individual modules, and this is where we have been using Ozone the most — in the mix. Of course, in mastering scenarios this means that you have complete control over your signal chain.

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You can just call up any module you want at any place in the signal chain. However, using it in this way means that you won't be able to save presets for your entire processing chain, but that's really only a problem for Pro Tools users. Of course, with all the power that Ozone provides, you might be expecting a hit to be taken somewhere. Well, you'd be right to expect it.

Dynamics Processing with Ozone 5, Part 1 - iZotope Insider Tips

Ozone 5 doesn't scrimp on the sound, but it also doesn't scrimp on the processing power either, and you won't be using the plugin as a whole on large sessions any time soon. As computers become more powerful, the software that we use in mixing should also become more powerful, which means that older machines are going to suffer. But developers should not hold themselves back because of people clinging to these older machines, no matter how much you really want to mix that next record on your trusty, old Power Mac G4.

We tested Ozone 5 on a Apple MacBook Pro, and while we couldn't use unlimited instances of the plug-in, we were able to do good mastering work with it. Mixing with the various modules was also fine, but you have to be careful with how you set things up. But you really only need these for mixing anyway, and in the mastering stage you probably won't have a ton of other plugins running. Ozone is in its fifth version here, and the sound reflects the maturity and experience that iZotope is known for.

It is nothing short of exceptional, both as a mastering suite, and as individual modules used within a mix. This comes as no surprise, but there were a few highlights, so let's take a look at these now:. The reverb module was much better than we expected. To be honest, we didn't really think we'd be getting much use out of it as we're not big fans of using reverb in the mastering stage.

But when we saw it as a solo module, our ears perked up and we immediately threw it on a channel for testing. It turns out that the reverb is very clear, and sits well within a mix. In short order it has become one of our go-to reverbs for creating small room ambience. Another pleasant surprise was the Imager module. This one works well both in the mastering suite and as an individual module.

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The main attraction here is its ability to separate out the bands of stereo widening, so you can effect different aspects of audio in different ways, even if what you're trying to apply it to is a pre-mixed loop. In cases where you have a loop that includes a kick drum and hi hats, it is possible to widen only the hi hats and leave the kick alone to thunder along in the middle. Chain pairs of distortions together for sonic destruction at bit precision, or split the signal into multiple bands and apply distortion independently to individual frequencies. Realistic modeling of 85 amp cabinets and speakers.

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Classics, combos, boutique models, stacks Synth filters, resonant filters, classic analog filters and more. Multiband dynamics and gating to control the peaks and tame the noise.

  1. Ozone 8 Advanced Upgrade from Ozone 5-7 Advanced.
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  5. Trash the echo with a selection of classic lo-fi delays. Tape delay with saturation and nonlinear tape machine artifacts, tape-tube delay with added tube saturation modeling, classic analog delay with analog degradation and Lo-fi digital delay with quantization noise and aliasing. Features include: Morph module for effects reminiscent of a vocoder but with frequency-selective amount control Spectral-based delay with independent delay and feedback control for each frequency band Spectral-based stereo panning Filter module for frequency-selective attenuation Smear module including four independent delay lines with flanger-style LFO for smoothing the output of the Spectron Engine Innovative interface allows for virtually unlimited sweeping and triggering options, includes advanced LFO settings with amplitude, frequency and pulse-width modulation.

    About iZotope iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. We craft innovative audio products that inspire and enable people to be creative.

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