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Enable the position marker and practice hovering along the lines. StickMover owners can feel Mirko's flight on their StickMover's sticks while they watch the recording key v, menu and load. Hope you guys enjoy! The markers are shown there. Then load the 'Custom Scenery'. The camera height is fixed at 1. Activate the random engine failure in the tab Training. This control signal can be exported to a csv file with 'Export to Image Sequence'.

Demo 1. Wind Multiplier should be 1. OSX build doesn't need a permanent internet connection. Please delete the scene from the scenery folder and re-download it. OSX build is now 64bit compiled with Unity 5. Therefore all contents had to be updated models and sceneries 1. Channel mixers can compensate this nearly completely. This improves the 3d performance. A bigger fuselage improves the behaviour in knife edge. Castle Racetrack is now available. So you can find these folders much easier if needed.

T-Rex Image Looper 20th Anniversary – Thomann UK

Sceneries are saved to the program data folder. So, the downloaded sceneries cannot be deleted by the operating system. So you can see the environment in shiny materials. We don't use the system function any more. This eliminates the situation where installing updates corrupted the user rights of the configuration files so that neXt was not longer able to update these files.

Now you can modify the transparency of blades and rotor dish. Now all settings are on the settings tab. Training functions are now in the main menu. The model selection menu has been improved by changing it to fullscreen. Change to tab settings and run the playlist. Now customers can watch the flights in a endless loop.

If somebody would like to fly, simply move the sticks of the transmitter and you can fly immediately. When you have stopped flying, the playlist restarts automatically. Exit the showcase mode by clicking onto the button in the right bottom area. Then the stick display can be dragged using mouse.

Click onto the ranking button to view the high score lists. Please reset all flight conditions as suggested during startup. FPV camera tilt angle is adjustable tab Helicopter. The neXt freezed when you have selected a multicopter. This is fixed now. Windows: Fall back to XInput 1. Please reset all flight conditions. We have defined new throttle curves. Please notice, this neXt has an updated online flight meeting functionality, hence it is not compatible to older neXt releases and you cannot meet with users using an older neXt version.

This is the recommended mode for shooting videos in reality. The car can be used as film object. How to get the new X3D scenery? You have to delete the scenery cache tab Scenery, key o, delete cache and then you reload all online sceneries again. New sound for the sports hall scenery Tab Sound.

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You can then load your music and start or stop it by pressing the 'n' key. Some new flight modes are available for multicopters. They can be defined in the flight conditions and switched by using the transmitter. Off: no stabilisation at all. Attitude: stabilizes the model horizontally self-levelling upright flight. Return To Home: maintains the current flight altitude and the model will return to the take-off location home.

Some further improvements and functions. As an overview improvement we have added further tabs on the simulator tab. GPS position hold for multicopters. For the pilots lists during online flight meetings there is now an extra widget available. The camera can be controlled by a second remote control or Joypad. The camera window is scalable and rendered with 4X Antialiasing.

An optional throttle channel can be defined in the calibration menu, Tab 'Special'. Press the key 'v', click on 'FX' and load the desired animation. Switch the language if necessary Tab: Settings.

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Warning if more than 60 pictures per second are calculated, since then physics is not correct. T-Rex DFC got a second canopy design. Additional canopy design for the SAB Goblin yellow-red. Camera and camera picture at the DJI phantom. The camera picture is visible only in the X3D scenery. Reduced memory consumption. Extended flight recorder: Now you can define sub-titles. The video can be frozen at the starting point of a sub-title. Jog-shuttle controller. Two additional canopy designs for the Logo SE. Now the shadow strength is adjustable Graphics tab.

Extended autorotation simulation. Bugfix heli menu. New Blade X setup. Better overspeed behaviour. Sound calculation optimized. Timer with sound signal. Extended flight recording function: original collective pitch in degree, original camera movement, pilot name Online-Name and multilingual text plates are now included. Now you can prevent further changes of the recorded flight.

The old. Rudder Control: If activated, the tail can be still controlled while the piro trainer is steering Tab: Simulator. Logo got his original sound. Sound calculation is extended for playing higher rpm. Cyclic Factor: Rise of cyclic effect through airflow velocity. Gain for aileron-elevator gyro.

Gain for rudder gyro. New power consumption calculation. Torque Main Rotor: The more torque applied to the main rotor the more anti-torque authority is needed on the tail rotor. Acro adds also a bit cyclic pitch to the upward direction. Unneeded buttons can be switched off while calibrating the input device. Show the file path where recorded flights are located: - Open flight recorder using the 'v' key.

T-Rex Loop System 2005 Black

Flare simulation. Shows the rotation speed in degree per second tab: simulator. The neXt recognizes now up to 20 proportional channels. Speedup for scenery and model loader. New metal shaders. Select the preferred metal shaders hi or low quality in the graphic tab. Center lines on the sticks. Now the spotlights can be switched off for night flying. Now you can switch off the canopy of some helicopters. It's only for fun, there are no additional textures and details. Now you can convert a flight recording into an image sequence. Compiled with Unity3D 4. Two further spot lights can switched on tab Simulator.


The center of gravity depends now on the main rotor speed. Now you can switch all sceneries between daylight and night in the 'Scenery' tab. The fire can be switched on and off in the 'Simulator' tab. Now you can select which flight data fields you need tab 'Simulator'.

Pitch degree is now also available as flight data. Speed improvement for the dust particle objects. Now the recorder window is invisible when you play an animation. Environment reflections on the rotor blades. Heat distortion for the ECTiger. We moved the center of gravity towards the main rotor. Spektrum fix is changed and always active. The 'Piro Trainer' is useful for transmitters without trim tabs tab 'Simulator'. You can define an offset for the tail rotor and the heli rotates with constant speed for training piro moves.

Now the timer can be displayed Tab 'Simulator'. Sun reflections on the rotor blades. The cloud region preset is set to the fastest cloud region. Improved button setup. Sun reflections on the helicopters. Mikado helis got their original sound. New installer fixes an missing DLL error message.

So you can list only the helicopters of a specific manufacturer. Now the nitro engine of the Vibe can get overheated. Flare Tone: Very useful for autorotation training. A tone informs the pilot about the actual flare strength. You can switch on these feature in the sounds tab. Now camera damping can be reduced.

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Helicopter textures are now sharper when flying awa. Better setups for all helicopters.

T-Rex Image Looper 20th Anniversary

Expert parameter settings for autorotation simulation. Minor bug fixes. Now you can copy chat messages into the clipboard. That's very useful for links.

Old chat messages are deleted automatically from the list. Flight recorder: Now also works in OSX sandbox. New Heli: Voodoo Added a dummy heli for guest helis which are not available on the own computer. Ping can be shown permanently Tab Simulator. No seperate activation for online flight meetings. The selected heli is marked in the preview image. A maximum of up to 7 pilots can attend a room, without changing your network configuration. Pressing the "C" key loads the previously selected helicopter. This includes: Crashes on OSX and older graphics chips resulting from mismatched settings, better Linux support cut and paste, web browser start and faster shadow computation.

The program code has now completly been optimized for performance. Previous sceneries are not longer compatible, this is due to the new Unity3D engine. Please delete them from the AssetBundle folder before installing the update. Scenery loader with cache. If a scene was had selected once, the load times are just under 2 seconds.

Online scenery loader. Additional sceneries can now be downloaded and stored automatically. The size of the cache is limited to the available disk space on the system partition. Please select in the graphic tab which size you like to download 2k or 4k resolution. Clean cache function o key to unlock. The window close button 'x' is now at the top right corner.

Autorotation parameter curves have been optimized. Input signal jumps can be filtered out. Hotfix in PCAP import with edited IP layers procedure update jfx plugin for gradle, updated java version on build machine. Fixed not importing payload during native profile import Support TRex v2. Import of Native profiles with VM instructions is supported. Import of Native profiles, 'next' stream import fixed. Supported edit of Stream name click on name within stream table, Enter to apply changes, Esc to cancel. All imported streams and profiles are opened in Advanced mode by default NOTE: Since Advanced mode requires connection to Scapy server, user can choose whether to try to connect to Scapy server, or to continue in Simple mode Known issue: Import of VM instructions is not yet supported.

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