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Small but perfectly formed, the AnyDesk remote desktop for Mac is fast to download and easy to install. Switch between standard mode or advanced mode with a single click: Limit your features or just jump into advanced networking, AnyDesk has you covered.

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A brilliant experience on your mobile deviceā€”no more finger gymnastics.

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Connecting to Windows PC Clients from a Mac

Designed for Mac. I would just add that the setup was remarkably easy. That's pretty much it. Took about 30 minutes to get the kinks worked out. Which might be workable if you want access to terminal tools including xcode's command line interface for building projects you can use things like gcc or xcodebuild via a ssh session. There is an interesting solution After you have two or more accounts set up on one Mac, install OSXvnc and start the server.

Once started, Fast User Switch to the other user on the machine.

Get AnyDesk for macOS

Even though the Mac is logged in as another user, your VNC session goes to the original account, allowing both of you to use the machine at the same time. When testing, this is seemed to work well, although you have to wonder if there will be problems with system calls from the same programs happening simutaneously.

How to Remote Access Mac PC from Windows 10

I've only been running this for about two hours, but no problems so far. They work mostly the same, with some different drawbacks each. You will have problems with windows vs mac keyboard layout and some keys wont't work. The performance speed will be terrible. And the viewer speed settings won't do anything due to poor compatibility with the mac implementation of VNC. Performance will improve considerably, better keyboard compatibility including the missing keys and Copy and Paste support across host and client computers.

But you won't have the multiple users option.

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Every viewer will connect to the same user on the mac. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Several users simultaneously on a Mac mini Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 3 years ago. Viewed 47k times.

The AnyDesk App for Remote Desktops on Mac

Is this possible? All you do is click Get Started and it will change a few settings on your PC so that the computer can accept incoming remote desktop connections. Once completed, it will show you a summary and give you the option to scan a QR code if using a mobile device like an iPad , copy the info to the clipboard or save the connection as a file, which you can open on another computer.

Once you have the info you need, go ahead and close the window. The first app should be Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Parallels Access

Click the Get button and once downloaded, click the Open button. Click on the New button to start a new remote desktop connection. Here you will type in all the information that was listed out on the PC when you setup remote desktop assistant. Give your connection a name, type in the IP address under PC Name, configure a gateway if required and then type in the credentials for the remote PC.

Note that the PC will need to have an account with a password in order for all this to work.

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