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Your project would now be opened in the full feature more where you can further edit it by adding text. This fourth step allows you to Add Captions and Titles Optional to the video. In order to add titles, you would need to click on the Titles icon, select the pre-made title effect and then apply it to the video by dragging it to the timeline.


If you want to enter text, simple double-click on the added titles on the timeline, then go to the preview window, double click on the text, and then enter the text you want. In the preview window, you can resize or reposition the text to your liking.

Best Stop Motion Apps for iPad & Desktop

Now we can start with the tutorial for iMovie. As mentioned earlier, it can only be installed on Apple computers. Assuming you already downloaded and installed the software, open it so that we can get started. Open the application and click on the import icon to i mport all the images to iMovie , ensuring that you upload them in the correct order of sequence.

How To Create Stop Motion and Time Lapse in iMovie

Now you would be able to drag and drop the photos unto the timeline below. Once all the images are on the timeline, you can press play in the preview window. You would notice that they play at a very slow rate.

To adjust the duration time for each image, go to the top of the preview window and click the i button clip information. The fastest speed iMovie will allow is 0. However, there is a trick to make the video go even faster.

Only do this if you think that your video looks clunky and you need it to go faster. When the video has been exported, delete all the images from the timeline and drag and drop the exported video unto it. So how to make a stop motion video? In this article, we will show you in detail on how to create stop motion in iMovie and its alternative.

iMovie Stop Motion: How to Make Stop Motion Videos in iMovie

The program easily answers the question that how to make stop motion video. You can not only cut, crop or trim down the video but can also add text, voiceover and perfect animations when creating your stop motion videos with Filmora. Begin by opening the iMovie and go to the "properties" icon. From there, you will be able to access the timing options which you must change to suit your stop motion effect.

After doing that, your videos should be cushioned against zooming once the stop motion animation is in progress. You need to have some peace of mind if your animation is to succeed.

The videos to be animated must be arranged in a sequence and should be dragged to the iMovie in that same order. It is advised that you alter the duration of all clips to conform to the rate allowed by iMovie.

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I want it to be less than 0. I've been googling about this problem and it seems like the only solution is to download some other movie making program?

Import an image sequence to create your animation

But, this being my a totally experimental thing for fun AND it being my first time, I don't want to download, let alone pay for, something I might not use more than once. Any suggestions on what I can do? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: AppleMan AppleMan Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. May 28, PM in response to AppleMan In response to AppleMan Thanks, that really helped but is there a way for me to apply these adjustments to all the images at once?

I'm doing them all separately now, as shown in the tutorial but its a bit tedious May 29, AM in response to asp In response to asp I don't know of any shortcut.

Part 2: 3 Tips Before Making a Stunning Stop Motion Video in iMovie:

User profile for user: votshtoyalyoobloo votshtoyalyoobloo. Aug 7, AM in response to asp In response to asp Is that something Automator could help with? I'm trying to get to grips with it myself, it's made to do the tedious repetitive donkey-work that you can sometimes run into with big jobs like that.

Aug 7, AM in response to votshtoyalyoobloo In response to votshtoyalyoobloo iMovie does not have Automator support.