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Try our sister project, Classilla. We're not only compatible with Mac OS X One of our four versions is just right for your particular Power Mac.

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And it's always up to date, current and secure. So make the jump and keep your Power Mac relevant. Our software is open-source, written by Power Mac users and maintained by Power Mac users, incorporating our custom new PowerPC-only features plus the latest bug fixes, security improvements and all the powerful technology underlying Mozilla Firefox. Are you up to date?

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TenFourFox for G5 processors Double-click the. Keep up with our progress and try beta versions on the TenFourFox Development blog!

Mozilla Firefox für Mac: Echte Alternative zu Safari

TenFourFox is free software, "as is" without warranty of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Due to its compatibility with the older operating system, the browser lacks the entire feature set of modern Firefox versions. In particular, it does not fully support Core Text , so it does not understand Apple Advanced Typography features in certain international fonts; it does not support graphics acceleration for compositing; and it does not support WebGL because PowerPC Tiger does not support OpenGL 2 [37].

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TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

TenFourFox Development. Retrieved Possible blocker for Firefox 4.

Most upto date Browser for Mac Os x 10.5.8

This is super-annoying. Plus I have an old Macbook ppc which won't run the recent os's. Now I am on Safari since my favorite browser, Firefox, has committed suicide or rather replaced itself by a useless copy which refuses to run with this OS.

(OS X 10.4.11) - How can I run higher unsupported vesions of Browsers

Are you geniuses to allow the thing to install where it is not welcome? Plus, if you try to submit a comment on the Firefox page, it says you have to do it FROM the firexox brower. Do not select to remove your personal data, your profile data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder , so you won't lose your bookmarks or other personal data.

The link you have posted does not work. It say's Firefox 3. I'm also running This is very frustrating as I had a ton of bookmarks and everything on Firefox and that stuff doesn't transfer. Thanks for your support firefox. There are links on the www.