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But with rare exceptions, it builds Macs to keep running for around that long. There had previously been reason to believe that plastic MacBooks and their iBook predecessors were designed to be replaced every few years.

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The tiny logic board of a MacBook courtesy iFixit. Fewer parts and fewer moving parts means fewer potential points of failure, as well as much greater energy efficiency, and typically faster speeds. But these are exceptions to the general rule that a Mac will run as well or better several years down the line as it did on day one. An old Mac mini still has enough power to work as an iTunes server.

In fact, before Apple switched the architecture of the Mac from PowerPC to Intel in , Adobe had to write their software products very differently for Mac than for PC due to the architecture differences.

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Like so many other things in life, you get what you pay for in a computer. Really the biggest difference then is the cost Mac is more expensive — initially and personal preference of Windows vs. OSX — which can be extremely important. This is an area where I will give a very slight nod to the Mac, agreeing that in general they seem to have fewer issues than PCs. Well, okay, it could be just because Apple can. No, Apple really does put a lot of work into making sure you have a good product in your hands when you fork over that much of your hard earned money.

Should You Buy A Mac?

I am truly convinced this is a real difference between Mac and PC. Unfortunately, it seems Apple is also becoming a victim of their own success and the quality control has gone down as the demand has gone up. I often hear the argument come up very quickly that PCs are virus magnets whereas Macs are impervious to malware problems. So yes, you are more likely to have a problem with malware on a PC than on a Mac. Can a PC work without major problems? Can a PC be kept clean from viruses? Do Macs ever have problems? Yes, yes, and yes.

Is this a reason to pick a Mac over a PC? It may make sense if you are, or will be, doing photography professionally to save yourself from also having to be a PC technician by getting a Mac. I think it makes a lot of sense to stick with what you know. As I have alluded to earlier in the article here, in general PCs are less expensive than Macs — at least initially.

But the truth is, unless you build a PC yourself, many of the PC models from the big box vendors like HP and Dell usually end up with some durability problems. The PC business is pretty much as cutthroat as it gets. The margins have gone down to the point that the manufacturers have to sell a ton of them to make any money. As they are building them they cut every corner they possibly can. It is worse for laptops than desktops.

... but Microsoft is catching up.

So you may be able to buy a PC for considerably less money than a Mac, but the Mac may last longer. Will a Mac last long enough to make the higher initial cost worth it? Depends a lot on your use. I think it is very similar to a car. The same car will last much longer for the old lady driving to church on Sundays vs. To me the costs of a computer, the full costs from beginning to end, depends on how much you know about PCs and computer hardware. Apple has chosen to make their computers much less upgradeable by anyone but them.

PCs on the other hand are much more open. Desktops a lot more so than laptops, but without too much trouble you can replace RAM, a hard drive, video card, and even a processor if you wanted to. This can help you increase the hardware in your computer a bit more slowly like I did, where I added almost one thing at a time. Takes some knowledge. Takes some time. But if budget is one of your key concerns you can minimize the up front investment.

Why Do Developers Run Macs?

If you are a beginner on a tight budget and are willing to be your own tech support then you can potentially save quite a bit of money on a PC and use the rest on photography gear! Another trend I heard constantly from photographers was the use of laptops for photo editing. Maybe this has to do a lot with the Mac line of computers having a sweet spot with the laptop form factor with their MacBook models.

Maybe there are just a lot more photographers who are constantly on the go and need a more mobile solution. Whatever the reason, I think this is one you really need to consider carefully. Desktops are quite simply better for editing photos. Yes, that is a blanket across the board statement. If you have a one room home recording studio, getting a silent case is so every crucial. There are many silent PC cases in the market from all ranges. Never skimp on power supply for your computer. Go for a cheaply made PSU unit for your computer and you might risk getting hums whenever you record.

True story. For a music production system, going for a W power supply will be more than enough. There are various kinds of motherboards you can get out there — no restrictions for this. A rule of thumb when getting a motherboard for music production. Get a motherboard with good voltage regulations. As always, get as much RAM as you can. Sampler instruments and plugins are always RAM-hungry, so you make sure you have enough RAM for a smooth producing experience.

There are few things to look into RAM. Make sure it has a frequency of at least Mhz. Then use HDD with at least rpm for your project files and samples. I find this to be the best setup for music production on a PC. This setup ensures your system is blazing fast while you have enough space for the other samples. Always go for Intel processors. For recording music, I always advise getting an i5 processor as a minimum.

I hope I covered enough for you to get started in recording and producing music in your home studio. There would be an endless debate on which operating systems and hardwares are better for producing music, but most importantly, you should focus on your music and skills. Get one that works for you then jump in right in to producing. Your a moron whom thinks macs are better than pcs for music,yet act as if you know the first thing about recording. If you did you wouldnt be spewing nonsense about pcs being horrible for recording audio. Sense lots of rage coming you.

I would say both are the same. What if you are producing in your DAW and wanted to reference a track from the internet or from windows explorer? I know you have lots of knowledge, would you like to contribute something?

Should Your Small Business Use Mac or PC?

Sure Reuben, my email is herbertlye84 gmail. Eh, I can reference tracks all day with Cubase 8 open.. You know depending on your audio interface and daw you can set it to release the audio drivers in the background when using other apps. Damian Ibarra….. Dude, when you read things does your brain actually absorb and comprehend the information you are reading?

Reuben was not saying a Mac is better than a PC. Reuben was clearly giving everybody who was reading the pros and cons of both systems. You just sounded like a ignorant dumb ass! Now going back to music production and recording. Apple has recalled those MBP as well as some other MBP and they are replacing the old logic boards with a HD video card and on the new logic board, the super drive is 6gbs instead of the original 3gbs.

Unfortunately those days and those vibes will never reappear, they are dead forever. This younger generation has auto sync when they DJ and if you ask them if they know what beat matching is they say ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! What matters is that the final product sounds amazing and you made the music from your heart and soul! I personally do not like most of the Apple Products. Read, learn, then make an opinion. And so for that reason alone my next purchase will be a PC.

However, many thanks for this article Reuben it helped me during the last stages of my research. I actually now think that the DAW you use and are most comfortable with will point you in the direction of computer you should have as the hub.

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