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After you have done that, click the Continue button. If Mail detected the settings for your email account, you should be good to go, as the rest of the process is pretty much automated. However, the Mail app may display the spinning wheel, but not find the server settings for your email account.

In this case, you will need to manually setup the account, but, clicking the Continue button does not allow you to do that. Instead, click the Cancel button to cancel the account creation.

This time, click the Continue button again, but also hold down the option key. This will bring you to the manual setup, where you can configure the details for your email account. However, with the third developer release of Mac OS X, the application had returned to being known simply as Mail. Some of its features that remain in the most recent version of Mail include rules for mailboxes, junk mail filtering and multiple account management.

Additional features were:. The new version also changed the UI for the buttons in the toolbar. Whereas previous buttons had free-standing defined shapes, the new buttons featured shapes within a lozenge -shaped capsule.

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Nevertheless, Apple updated their guidelines to include capsule-shaped buttons, and the new UI persisted. In addition, it offered notes and to-dos which could be synced with iCal as well as a built-in RSS reader.

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Mail via IMAP. Also added was the capability to group messages by subject in a similar fashion to Mail on iOS 4. The bounce function, where unwanted emails could be bounced back to the sender, was dropped, as was support for Exchange push email. Notes was split off into a stand-alone application.

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The RSS reader and to-dos were discontinued. In OS X Mavericks version In OS X Yosemite version The conversation display was also redesigned and various disk space saving optimizations were implemented. Streaming notification support for Exchange accounts was also added. Support for macOS's new " dark mode " was added to Mail. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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