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Choose a floor plan template that is most similar to your design and customize it quickly and easily. Extensive Architectural Symbol Library You'll get thousands of ready-made visuals for furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinets, office furniture, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, security systems, plants, landscape elements, and more! Draw to Any Scale You can draw your plan using any scale selected from the standard architectural, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and metric scales.

Top 16 of the best 3D modeling software for Mac

The drawing area will show rulers and a grid in real world coordinates to help you design. You'll also be able to change the scale of the drawing mid-drawing. You don't have to worry about picking the wrong scale and having to start over. You can even define your own scale if is not among the standard scales offered. For example, all the program we reviewed, except for Interiors Pro, have tools to place a roof over your home. However, most of the apps create a standard-looking gable roof over the entire structure.

Additional steps are required for more elaborate roof designs or to fuse several roofs over different home sections. Electrical and plumbing planning tools also vary by program. Each interior Mac program we reviewed includes fixtures such as outlets, bathtubs, hanging lights and faucets. If you are only using design software for interior decor updates, these advanced planning tools are not necessary. However, they are important if you need to make changes to a room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, where it may be necessary to move pipes and electrical wiring.

Some interior design tools are used for structural changes — for example, when you want to open a room by knocking out a wall or to add or update stairs. However, most are fun tools that allow you to add custom-designed kitchen cabinets, textured walls or tiled hallways. We really liked the object-placement and editing tools in MyFourWalls. They were the easiest to use and the most intuitive.

The Top CAD Programs for Mac OS

Instead, you can grab the object, edit and rotate it freely in one step. Each app comes with a set number of objects in its library, but you can add additional programs to increase it to an unlimited number of items. We note which home design software accepts objects from which database.

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Most only work with images from one or the other, though Home Designer Architectural is compatible with both. Landscape tools help you design the gardens and lawn surrounding your home. Look for a program that has a plant encyclopedia. This tool lists plants that thrive in your specific growing area to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy yard all year long. It is important to note that while each of the programs we reviewed has some plant objects available, not all of them are outdoor plants. You can always increase the plant object library by uploading additional items from various third-party object databases and creating an outdoor plant list.

The Top CAD Programs for Mac OS

If your ambitions are small, it may fit your needs. We found that it took a long time to download the Mac design programs we tested because they contain thousands of objects and components. Some programs took only a couple of hours, while others took five or more. As you look at floor plan software for your Mac computer, you should try to find one that is easy to use but also renders your designs in a format you can share with professionals.

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Architects and contractors typically use professional Computer Aided Design CAD programs that create official blueprints. These blueprints are used to secure permits and licenses and also serve as the official instructions for building your dream home.

The best 3D floor plan software for Mac computers lets you have fun creating designs and shows a good visual representation of what your dream home will look like as well as creates a 2D design that includes measurements for contractors to refer to. Something to be aware of when choosing a program is the file types the finished designs can be saved as, especially if you intend to export and share your ideas with an architect, general contractor or interior decorator. Professional software is compatible with only a few types of files, and even then, it depends on the program.

If you know the format your builder uses, you can look at our comparison chart to ensure the program you purchase creates a compatible file. Even with minimal experience, you can plan kitchen renovations, bathroom makeovers, bedroom refreshes and color-scheme changes throughout your home using one of the packages we reviewed. Dunaway bush Alaska.

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By Marjorie's husband: Ordered April Received April 20 shipping snafu is another story. I ordered the DVD version as here in remote Alaska internet is very shaky and downloads often a problem. Amazon posting of this item says the software dvd are made on demand. Luckily our internet held together long enough for me to down load but sheesh really only 11 days after purchase? On another note, I did not carefully check system needs for this item and my Dell Laptop may not have the proper graphics card for this software. At least it keeps telling me that when I get into the program.

I have been able to force my way along enough to cobble up a floor plan but this is NOT a program for neophytes like me. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I used this in the past and was able to get a variance for a fence on my corner property by showing trees we would plant around fence and grew them over 4 years.

The township building department loved it! Right program at a good price. You can created great 3D views and "walk-thrus". Home Designer Suite [Mac] [Download]. This is an excellent product to help in designing a home. It is quite easy to use. I am not a computer wizard, just an average user.

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There is a learning curve for some of the features, especially a roof design that may be more complicated. There are excellent on line tutorial videos.


There is also a comprehensive manual that can be printed quite large or referenced on line. One of the best points I found, is the excellent telephone help. I have called several times, was easily connected, and always received excellent help. Great product, great price, great service.

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