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This is why the original WJoy starts and closes immediately after typing in your password at the moment.

Tech Specs

Otherwise, I believe the kext just needed the diff tweak above. I need to spend a little more time packaging this fix, but I'll be sure to do it. I'll wait until my contact at Apple responds about the kernel extension signing certificate. This fix still needs SIP disabled, right? A signed kext is a far better solution than relying on foohid. Let XCode configure things for you. There were warnings in the left column that I thought were about signing things, and I choose all the "let xcode fix it" options.

Can't find the "Automatically manage signing" settings in any of the projects. JustinBis I didn't get the kext cert unfortunately so it's up to you whether or not to forward to my repo for issues. I appreciate your interest. I tested on a variety of macOS Sierra devices and could confirm everything is working otherwise. Furthermore, WJoy doesn't start, it asks me for the admin key but it dissapears from the OS bar. This is my computer with SIP disabled. Lynx can you try the following terminal command?

Lynx Okay I can confirm you definitely need to issue kextload command, I could reproduce your issue with my WJoy build.

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I have added that to the instructions. I think I just had the kext loaded on my other machines at some point. Lynx okay I'm contacting an Apple employee again for a kext signing key :. I got the same message as Lynx I am one, if that would help I could generate it.

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Or is it some specific process? You just need to make owner: root and group: wheel for wjoy. Use BatChmod. Then it will work. Sadly, with WJoy I can use wiimote in mac games as joystick, but Dolphin doesn't see it as wiimote. Where is the wjoy.

Install Dolphin Emulator on Your PC

I followed the steps provided by doctorpangloss and disabled SIP, but I still could not get wjoy working. My mouse would keep spinning the rainbow as I hovered over the Wjoy icon in the menu bar and when I typed my password, Wjoy stopped working again. After that, delete the wjoy.

How to Use a Wii U Pro Controller on Mac Emulators

It seems like WJoy only doesn't quit upon launching after installing foohid. However, after rebooting the computer, it appears that foodhid needs to be reinstalled or else, WJoy keeps asking for the user password and quits. This fork that was referenced earlier works! In fact, I downloaded this fork and installed it, but it didn't work for me. Could you share what you did in order to get it to work in macOS Follow the readme AND make sure you delete all previous wjoy files in your system.

This includes wjoy. Then follow just follow the readme. Don't delete the wjoy. This should work. I did like you said and it seems to work! Thanks a lot! I will report back if I encounter any issues! Sorry I deleted my comment, because I got to resolve it right after encountering the issue. Anyway, instead of deleting and reinstalling WJoy once more after I encountered the issue, I just quit and restarted the app.

Wii U Pro Controller

Then I could connect the controller without any issue. Not sure why this happens, but I will see next time I restart the computer if the issue can be reproduced. Maybe there is an issue with WJoy on autostart. After having some kernel panics today though unrelated to WJoy , I keep encountering the same issue again. WJoy starts and prompts for the user password and quits upon entering it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling with the steps above, doesn't seem to resolve the issue - even after several restarts. This is very odd - I just can't see a pattern. So someone made a pull request fixing the immediate disconnect, which was merged. Then someone else forked wjoy-foohid and made a new release with this fix and some others.

Could some of you try it to confirm? Natrium thanks, this works on High Sierra too! Hey guys, didn't want to necro an old thread or anything of the like; However, I've done everything required in order to actually get WJOY to start working. I've already gotten past the password issue due to the amazing tutorial above thanks! Any fixes in terms of it not connecting?

WJOY gave me a toast message saying discovery complete but it seems like my controller hasn't even synced up for a second. Please help me out! SIP must be disabled until I can sign. Note that foohid is no longer getting signed, so this is the only alternative. Do I need to do something different? The driver doesn't have a profile for that device, and I'm not yet sure what to ask you for in order to add that additional profile information. Stay tuned. If anything it breaks bluetooth completely on high sierra requiring you to manually remove the kext and restart.

I had to take down the download because, as filfat reported, there's an issue on Apple's drones aren't going to give me a kext signing key, because they read things like people in reddit read them. What product requirements are being addressed by this kext? This kext connects custom video game controller hardware to the user's Mac. Once Dolphin recognizes your Wiimote, the Wiimote will rumble and make the typical Wiimote chime. The game will start and you're ready to play!

The swinging and other Wiimote motions are just as responsive as my old Wiimote. Kudos to the developers of Dolphin and the Wiimote drivers for making all of this Magic happen!

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